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  1. Well If you are still here, get back there and I will be there, ASAP
  2. yo dude! just checking in on you, talk to you later I guess. PS you left the chat just as I came in XD
  3. You know if Kasesyis gonan get on any time soon?????
  4. She seemed well...I only got to talk to her for like 15 minutes, but my 4th was boring really...
  5. darn, well, thanks, how was she? and did she go to bed or what? oh, and how was your 4th? I hope it was good, my friend
  6. You just missed her mate, you just missed her.....
  7. yeah, I am taking good care of her. I am doing everything in my power to keep her smiling and alive. I can't go see her today cause of her mom getting mad at her and my dad being really sick as well. But after tommorow I will see if her mom will let me. Don't worry, I will take care her one way or another; I stay on the phone with her constantly.
  8. Well...thank you sir. all that I can think is to tell her that i love her too,and that she must survive...orr else I dont know what I'd do
  9. Hey, Kasey isn't doing too well. She wanted me to tell you that she loves you, just in case somthing happens.She wanted to make sure it got to you. And don't worry; I won't let anything happen, I would never forgive myself if anything did.
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