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  1. No, it was true. I watched and knew she was lying. She said she broke her leg and we went to Wild Adventures theme park and I checked it out; it was fine. She's been lying ALOT. and her mom wouldn't lie about that.
  2. Ookayyy O_o
    So you're saying that she was playing with 4 guys and telling them all that she's in the hospital and stuff?
    I think her mom was lying, but I don't know ...
  3. Hey, and yeah, I have.
    She... almost committed scuicide.
    Her mom caught her in her room. Btw, anything she told you about injuries or friends dying, was a lie. She's been telling people this stuff and lying about it, she got admitted to the 'hospital'... she's out by now. Hey, don't mention anything. She's just... I don't know... she's got problems with reality and fantasy. She was juggling me, and like 4 other guys online and over the phone. It's hard to believe but I got it straight from her mom that called me sunday.
  4. *below coment* Har har. Classic line, dude

    Hey Whitey, have you talked to kasey lately? I'm her friend and she hasn't been on in a while ...
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