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  1. o.O and you took my name!!!!!

    jk lol im donald johnson
  2. o.o I would say it's my day, but you beat me there... by a year... >.>
    wow, ok, I am Levi Johnthan White, I bet we don't have the same name >: )
  3. o.O stealin my day huh lol
  4. O.O... wtf... I turn 17 april 10....... wow... wierd o.O
  5. good and yours and im 17 april 10 is my day
  6. so, how goes life? Btw, how old are you? o.o? I am 16 since april. Thank God...
  7. thats very tru lol
  8. yeah... it's kinda boring around here without everyone on and the chat down...
  9. lol yea that was nice to have
  10. I'm about to spam that thing up sooo bad. WE NEED CHAT ROOM!!! lolz
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