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  1. you click on your name in the right top hand corner, the ngo to upload photo... its that easy, and yes you may add me !
  2. Can I add you on AQ? Where do you go to upload your picture?
  3. well, aq... the mmorpg, or the single player one? i play both, and i also play some other.. mmorpg, but i dfont remember the name of it... lol oh well, and Zwinky... no... add me to AQ wiccachick5
  4. Great! What about Zwinky, and which game on battleon is your favorite, mine's adventure quest, but that's because I was a member when that's all they had.
  5. oh but i have, i have an account on AO, battleon, shadowvale, and many more, WoW, is one of my personal fave's... >.<
  6. Runescape? You apparently haven't gone to,, or
  7. actually yeah i do... but do you mean online, or on here, cause on line, runescape is a good one, and also now if you mean on here, no idea
  8. My name's Todd, bet you couldn't guess that. Do you know any good RPGs I could join?
  9. lol well i noticed you signed up a couple days ago, and i know when i signed up, like 2 years ago, no one commented on my wall, so though...hmmm, why not! btw my names jessica... yours?
  10. Well hello! You make me feel so welcomed.
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