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  1. lol that sucks im sorry.....o happy late fourth of july - what did u do to celebrate the fourth??!?! :3
  2. lucky im surrounded by stuck up rich folk so im like ftw
  3. OMG dude same here.....but i have a bunch of rich friends n im like fml XD
  4. i travel wen we hav the money so thts not often which pretty much tells ya im broke as dirt
  5. thats good .....i luv to travel my fwends dad has been to 48 of the us states ^^ n he said he really luved north carolina but ive never been so....
  6. stormy but the heat is beat by the rain its awesome!!!!!!
  7. Im from California n its always sunny here ^^ hows north carolina ????
  8. i see what state are you livin in? im livin in North Carolina.
  9. Thats cool my mom recently visited her fwend from south carolina n she loved it but ive never been so .....meh :P
  10. notin much except wen i got to go to my home town in Charleston SC
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