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  1. thnx for the answer. but that would be cool though.
  2. i saw your post and thought i should tell you, the Hollow masks (as far as Tite Kubo has gone) for Vizards don't have a release like the Arrancars do. As far as i know, all they do is majorly amp up your stats.
    have a look at a few of those on the list. i modeled mine aver one of them.
  4. oh, well u think you can help me find a better one than the one i have?
  5. hate to tell you, but i made that mask from scratch. i can help you make one, though.
  6. where did you get your hollow mask from? i need to find me a better one.
  7. no problem. i've been waiting to use this character for a long time. if you ask me, i think you and i are enough to make it interesting.
  8. thnx for joining the bleach rpg since the others aren't posting we will have to make things more intresting on our own.
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