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  1. o.k. yes ^^ i will try^^............................................. .
  2. This is an order! Get a new gf! A BETTER one! Da*n she make me mad!
  3. yeah i know...but oh well. don't get mad about it I'm over it already*well trying to*
  4. Now.. That just crazy! She should do that if she really loved you! I'm mad!
  5. yeah i guess so because she said so and she left me because her parents told her too
  6. What?! Her parent hate you?! That's odd... How about you?
  7. yeah we had a fight about her parents hating me and we end up braking up
  8. Your gf? Did you have a fight? What happen? o.0
    Sorry 'bout that
  9. yeah sry about that i have been going to my college classes and i had some bad last month with my gf so sry for now been on and i'm still here
  10. Lol, been awhile now. You alive? I haven't heard anything from you... ( -,-)
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