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  1. Yeah I know...I'll live I think so hows the weather there?
  2. sry i had that problem too but it just takes time .......: )
  3. nah I'm flattered for the offer but I don't think you could help me unless you could find a way to bring lost love back nah I'll be fine I think...just some time is needed...
  4. well is there any thing i can do for you?..............................
  5. yeah I think I should study more than I do but w/e...I don't think I'm gonna be good at this college thing until I get my personal life straightened
  6. thats good i think , i have been good just been studying and other stuff
  7. Yeah so have I except the sleeping part...I haven't got much of that done cause of stuff that's been going on I'm fine though...I'm not dead YET So hows school?
  8. yeah i know, how r you, i have been in classes and work and sleeping most of the time?
  9. wow long time no talk! how are you man? I haven't heard from you for sooo long
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