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  1. hehe, awww. I am glad everything went good for you
  2. Thats good same here I'm happy cause I finally got a girlfriend and its the girl i've been wanting for like, forever it seems haha
  3. I have been pretty good. I feel good too. And how about you??
  4. Yupp haha, how've you been recently?
  5. Aww, thank you so much. Hehe ^-^ I hope it goes good too.
  6. Awesome happy early birthday :3 Hope that day is wonderful to you
  7. Awww. Me too. But I'm 15, my birthday is on Saturday ^-^
  8. Uhm, I'm 17, sing, love anime lol
    Not sure what else to say haha
  9. aww okie. So, what are somethings that you can tell me about yourself??
  10. Makayla is fine. I can't really think of a nickname at the moment. Maybe once I know you more I'll find a suited nickname for you haha
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