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  1. it was good, and today is good to lol. and u?
  2. ..ahha that's good. and oh lol! so how's your day? or was*
  3. only new thing is we are no longer broke lol, i was running out of things to do to
  4. oh good ^__^ lol i don't get on either lol/ so what's new?
  5. i rember u, does seem kinda hard to belive with my rare occasions of getting but i do
  6. that's good. and oh wow haha! you prob don't remember me.. O__0 lol
  7. iv been good, and wow another person sick...(or well was sick) im like the only person in my family who doesnt get
  8. oh yes very it's good but I've been sick for the past three days it's like this huge virus going around at my school which sucks lol but what about you?
  9. ello, long time lol hows life?
  10. haha that's coool! It's now Christmas!! what kind are they?
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