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  1. oh awesome! oh lol cool I want to watch that someday. I talk to some friends that I don't see very often, but yeah it's starting to get real boring ahah
  2. NYC =) but fb is so damn boring what do u do there ? I've had it for such a long time , and now I've lost all interest in it . I'm gonna watch Harry potter 7 ! Someday .. in school for writing a review =)
  3. oh niccee. lol I'm sitting her on fb and here and might start reading Harry Potter Book 5.
  4. okay im maybe not gonna watch slither .Supernatural's over =/ o well ^_^ what about you ?
  5. imma watch supernatural! yay and then maybe slither its a cool movie i think
  6. heyy Sarentai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what's up????
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