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  1. Well we did not chat last night because of what ever reason, oh well, I am not going to make a big hub bub about it. I will most likely see her again today at lunch as we usually do and there she might tell me what happened, I am not even going to bring it up.
  2. ya well good luck with her im sure she will see soon enough how much u care lol and again good luck
  3. I am going to talk to her later tonight on facebook and see where it goes. I really don't have much time to do much else as work take most of it up. But I am having cash in my pocket so its alright, just a bit dull at times.
  4. sweet good luck ya im working now but other than that ive been doing nuthing
  5. I have tons of work right now. Lets see what else, well, a girl and I are very attracted to each other when we met in Michigan last week when I was on vacation, unfortunatly she doesnt want to be in long distance relationship because usaly those don't work out to well so thats a big phoowy... But there is another girl who works not to far from where I do and she seams to be interested in me as we talk every week for a few minuts before we have to go bakc to work so I will try my luck with her as she is very sweet as well.
  6. ok i guess but ive been better. how bout u how have u been?
  7. Holy crap, what a big cluster fu*k that all is. How are you in all of this?
  8. sorry i have been hear and there, my mother kicked me out so i had no way of getting on ande then she dissapeared and ppl kept calling me bout it wich pissed me off but the other day i found out that shes in jail and fixn to be sent off to a womens prison. i wanted her to go to a mental home again but idk
  9. Yeah, it has been deffenetly a long time. So whats new with you?
  10. hey i know u havnt heard from me in awhile but just wanted to say hi
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