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  1. hello. i'm sorry i denied your friendship. did u read the about me on my profile?
    if not please do. also do not yell at me. i mean no harm i'm picky.
    r u an atheist? cause if u aren't it's a no go. plus i do not text, talk about boys ect.
    please don't request friendship just because i like anime
    i am a goth an don't conform. i also have a mental illness an u might not b okay with it.
    sorry i'm just being honest. i will not lie or sugar coat my feelings.
    princelelouch99. ps i'm 36 years of age /female
  2. hi i see u sent a friend request. did u read my profile? if not please do
    im only being friends with atheist's okay. r u one? how old r u?
    i'm 36 years old/ female. my name is raven.
    before i except your friendship please read my profile an get back to me.
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