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  1. i can tell!haha dont worry earlyer my leg was tweaking out.
  2. im sooooo good im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HYPER -jumps off the walls-hahahaha
  3. good im good! how about you!.............................................
  4. hey hey wats upppp!?!?!? how r u i havent seen u in a while
  5. im sorry but i have no clue what u just said. can u please repet that
  6. N I LOVE N no opne can beat n hes soooo cute and sexy lol jk
  7. i looove ur poem. and oh i will. so whos ur fave death note character? mines L
  8. ur bf like it good tell him thanks-smiles- yea well i love that one
  9. cool ill check it out!....that poem was inspired by my boyfriend just so u know!
  10. no problem i loved it -smiles-i just type one up on the forum in the poems
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