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  1. sure you can just add me. what's the name of your group anyways??
  2. Hey, will you join my social group? Nya, no one has joined yet. Nya >.<
  3. T^T I have to go to school from eight a.m. to three-ten p.m. Nya, you've got to hours off. No fair. Nya =3
  4. yea my school sucks too...but my school starts at 9am and ends at 2pm
  5. Yeah, it does suck, but then, I've only got two more years, excluding this year. It's a pain and too easy at the same time. Nya =3
  6. I see so you got classes huh?...well me too it really sucks doesn't it?
  7. Hiya, Nya, How are you?? I'm ok. ^-^ ...*Sigh* Almost time for fifth period. Nyuuuuu!
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