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  1. wooow!! cool you ! u draw ur characters on ur own then edit them ?? really don't have any talent in drawing..haha!! but editing is one of my hobbies..hihi ... ur really so cool !! how are you now? good day!!
  2. yep, i used to have photoshop and illustrator until our computer shut down X_X. I'd draw up my characters then edit them.
  3. yeah..uhmm..i usually edit on photoshop,picnik and photoscape..hehe =D 'bout u? do u usually edit photos ??
  4. hi..ikm AYA ..we're both new here!! ur a girl, right?? hehe =D ..gud day!! uhmm..
  5. ^_^ thx for the request.
    aw awesome, you like editing pics. Are you good with Photoshop/Illustrator by any chance?
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