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  1. sweet wen ur done with that look up a group calld the Jpo lover's group oh (p.s i just got band from the chat box tho :P XD)
  2. Ok,Dude I will meet you there once I'm done @ registiring^^
  3. heh cool hope to see u ther thers even a group ther i know u will love
  4. Ok,Beauty I will surely found you on OM[]
  5. heh heh cool if u do find me under the name R.C thats wher i spend most my time im almost always in the chat box tho :P
  6. Don't have one,But maybe i can create an account on
  7. heh yeah i thot so hey do u have en acount on
  8. ....I'm a dude beauty,But I love anime songs even I didn't watch several animes when I heard this songs I constantly loving em all!
  9. cool i thot so
    XD oh really and y is that
    (ps r u a fan girl?)
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