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  1. good hanging with friends as allways .
  2. well n2m i decided to take today off of school my ppl are fine with it as long as i don't take off too many days but every once and a while is fine lol what about u?
  3. yeh i try so whats going on .
  4. wow thats cool ..... i hope ur having fun hanging with ur friends ^^
  5. not much just hanging with friends .
  6. well nothing in the ordinary that's one thing for sure but what's new with u?
  7. yeh i dont get into that stuff but i been good so whats new .
  8. yah same here most ppl shun me for it here tho... the ppl here that like anime are basicaly frightened to show how they really feel about it cuz of how mean the others can be.. and no one that hasn't been an outcaste before wants to become one it's really sad tho lol
  9. yeh i like that stuff .
  10. yah art is great like that ^^ i also like it but i draw a lot of anime stuff lol
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