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  1. Oh cool I wish I could hangout with my boyfriend... He has to work thou and is going to e one tired puppy he works 10-14 hrs. I'll get to hangout with him next weekend and I'm very happy about that. This weekend is just going to me and my girl pals hanging out.
  2. idk watch anime hang with my girl or some thing like that.
  3. Oh cool same here I am sitting here in study hall waiting for school to end and the weekend to begain! Oh what kind of fun?.?
  4. im just sitting in class waiting for the day to over, and hoping i can have some fun tonight.
  5. Yey cool. Yeah I can be crazy and very random if you haven't noticed haha. So waz up?.?
  6. Hi? I am really crazy LoL, and sure we can be friends.
  7. Hello! I'm Jenny how are you today? So how crazy are you? lol
    Anyways I hope we can be friends?
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