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  1. I saw your pics
  2. Well I am getting my results soon.
    And I did enter just the moment after Cb made the thread. But seeing as he hardly comes here he didn't even enter me.
  3. LOL what the hell are you stressed about? XD Why didn't you do the SOTW of last week?
  4. Haha aww ... well take care and be safe
    And I'm just stressed lol.
  5. Hahaha! Kinda! Still working and such, stressing out cause I'm having a shitload of deadlines. Don't worry though, I still love you =3... And I will participate in a SOTW as soon as I got the time . How is you?
  6. Are you alive?
  7. Yep it's like a 6 months internship at a company by choice and then you'll just design and get some work-experience. I'm done in February since I started in September. And then I'll be back to College be a design student again ^_^. And I'll be working my ass of towards graduation, which is next schoolyear.

    5"9 hmmm dunno dude, we work with meters, I'm 1.75 meters, brown eyes right, brown hair is correct and very slightly tanned is correct too! You're good XD.
  8. Lol congratulations XD! Another new thing I learnt today lol.

    hey hey lemme guess how you look like. You're around 5"9 or 5"11, err, brown eyes, brown hair, very slightly tanned.

    I'll look throught them later. All I've seen are sigs, show us more of your work!
    You're going back to school?
  9. Oh well not really, I got a bf actually XD! So I don't really need a new goodlooking guy or something lol!

    I have some member pictures on AO, maybe you should look through my photos ^_^. Aaaaanyway, I shall send you a pic someday with my glasses on, but not right now.

    You should take this course, I mean I'm having the best time in the world and I really love what I'm doing. Designing for a job is great, just you need to find a internship which really fits you. Somehow over here it seems wrong AND right... so I don't think I'm at the right spot. Hell, it's just an internship anyway, will be going back to school in February =3.
  10. Awww -hugs you- ^_^

    I'm thinking of getting the same job as you, or a similar course, but seeing how every job is scary, I'm not scared anymore xD I bet you look really classy in your glasses.
    Reminds me, I haven't seen your pic yet ?_?

    So -nudges you- is there a guy from your workplace you like? xDD
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