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  1. YES! Gimme hug *hugs* =3

    Ya well just got new glasses, since my eyes went bad because I'm behind my laptop and computer so much. Designers eyes makes me have to wear GLASSES =_=. And I'm not used to it yet, everything seems so big O_O. Really need to get used to this >_>
  2. Reality is much scarier than the fil "The Exorcist".
    You'll be okay, nothing lasts forever right ^_^ Neither will your headaches.
    Need a hwug? x3
  3. And headaches for being at wooooooooork...... =___________="
  4. "Oh, another day of creativity and excitement =____________________="
  5. Haha! I shall, I will -bits your cheek- and I just did XD
  6. Meh~ Too many ideas in your head is always good, just organize them!

    And no you cannot eat me >_>. *bites*
  7. Ahh, you're so cute; can I eat you? xD

    I try, you know. I see those pros on devart, and I'm like "thanks for the idea dude XD" but if only I knew how they do it D:
    Having too many ideas in your head sucks!
  8. That sucks dude! I don't wanna be hit XD! *hits back with a giant dead fish* EAT THE CURSE OF THE FISH~ muhahaha

    Anywho's, nah you're better then you think. I might make interfaces and all that and use more then just random shapes and brushes, but I did started with what you're doing right now. Design isn't complex if you don't MAKE it complex .
  9. Yeah, you have more experience than me xD
    I only use layer properties, belnding options, brush modes, shapes and colouring/hue. I don't know any complex or other stuff.

    Haha, that wasn't stew, dear, -pats your head- that's the curse of the Bunny.
  10. LOL! At least you HAVE a week of I mean... I'm being an intern fulltime =_= no time off at all!

    *EATS STEW* mehhhh you're a bad Cook~
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