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  1. D: You didn't save the bunny! You killed it T^T
    -makes stew out of the cow-
    YEah, it took me more than a week for getting the design. I miss school.
  2. *Dodges, throws back a big ass cow*

    Nah normally it's not but it's just.... I'm tired! =__= And I've been doing this for over 2 months <_< soooo I wanna go back to school >_<. Lol already? I needa find some time to find a good one for this week =3
  3. Haha, car would be too dull, besides, I found a new design for this time -phew-
    -throws a bunny at you- xD

    Is your job really boring? ='[
  4. Nah it's just monday.. I'd love to have some more sleep =_=. But instead I have to open my Illustrator and photoshop looking like this: =_____________=. Anyway XD, I thought you would choose a car theme <_< guess I'll just have to do with ONSEN then <3.
  5. Boring? Aren't there interesting men in Netherlands? D:
    I only on by one vote, so I shouldb't be bragging xD
    Yeah, she has to win, or I ... will eat her.
  6. Boring =_=.... Feel so tired! Oh Congratz for winning the SOTW =3! Told you you'd win <_<. This time Pyro is going to win .____. Should've understood the theme better I guess O_O.
  7. How's work? >_<
  8. Yeah, I remember when we had the competetion for the AO member bars. o_o I lost by 1 vote! D: But I still won US$15 XD Do you know fooligar? He's friggin awesome. And thank you ^_^

    I might not be entering this one, to be honest. After I win this [oh how cocky of me xP] I'm gonna make car SOTW. Because I'm running out of ideas.
    And how about the one which des brain excersices? That's good too! I didn't know it would get this popular O_o.

    YOu will see, haha. just not soon enouh xP

    -holds your leg so you tumble and fall, and then puts a rat on you- Gyahahahahaha! xDD -hides-
  9. Hahaha! You're gonna win this I'm sure, looks like there aren't many voters... dissapointing. Anyway, it would be great if you'd win! Yours rock .

    I've been busy busy with work and stuff, been waiting for a moment to send you a message. So hey how've you been?

    I'm planning to buy the Wii fit, seems like great fun! But Nintendo delivers it very rarely... so I have to wait till the stores are packed with them again. Since most of the stores are out of stock. =_=

    Thanks for your comment on my sig! Aren't you going to enter? Shinobi vs. Pirates, seems like a fun theme to me. Hatake Kakashi is one of my favorite characters, and since the theme is "versus", made it a bit rough to look like a battle. I wuff it!

    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon ^_^. Keep up the motivation and finish your design, cuz I wanna see O_O.

    *hugs you, then runs again and throws a plant at you* >=D
  10. What? XD If i win this, it would be my third one xP I'm taking a break. Don't wanna get too much stressed.
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