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  1. I'm doing great Sazzy! I'm just kinda busy lately, work, school and all that responsibility stuff. Anyway, I wanted to buy Wiifit, I'm not sure if I'd like it. I'm not really good at Yoga, but I think the Wii balance board would be cool to have! Anyway, I hope you can go dancing some where soon... If I were you, it'd be itchy to not be able to dance . I haven't been on msn since ages, maybe we can talk soon! I still miss you! <3
  2. yeah i brought the WiiFit, so i've been doing Yoga every day. I still need to look for dance classes to go to really.

    How are you doing???
  3. I KNOW RIGHT! How are you lovely dancer ? Keeping up with the moves and such?
  4. YASMINE!!!!! *glomps* It has been soooooooooooooo long!!!
  5. Hey Sazzy! What's up you? How's life? Long time no see girl, hope you're doing well. I was so busy with studying and working and such, that AO got out of my picture for awhile. But I'm kinda back now, so I wanted to let you know that I missed you ^_^.
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