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  1. That totallly great dude and awesome lol n that undersdtandable man n as for me doing my work for my last year of HS bro n it going well so far
  2. Howdy ^_^ Yeah I'm doing fine...thinking about taking a year off college to get my mind cleared and some money built up...I finally found another job ^_^ how are you?
  3. That wonderful to hear lol n yeah college jod yeah kinda a haso i know but u do fine
  4. lol that's good ^_^ I've been doing pretty good...been trying to get another job as well as blow through these last few weeks of college
  5. Just great man good weeken because it was kick a$$ weeken n more kick A$$ dude lolololol wat of u man
  6. Howdy ^_^ Yeah everything is going good ^_^ how are you doing?
  7. Heyy hey man bro hwat going on dude hope things are going the way u want it to be man
  8. lololol........................................... ....................
  9. Ah I see...well mine went ok ^_^ I had two dinners actually lol one at my mom's house and one at my grandma's =p
  10. I crash it ok only at the end n it turned in bad ok family things just broke out
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