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  1. lol you like to laugh a what are you up to? How was your Thanksgiving?
  2. U to lollololololool;ollololololl;ll;oloOLOL"OLLOOLLOOL loollloloolololollloloolollolool
  3. lol yep how are you? Happy Thanksgiving by the way ^_^
  4. HM???????????????? OK yhen lol"{{}":}:"{}::""[;.,/;/,;/,;
  5. haha oh ok phew...there for a minute I thought I had something nasty on my skin XD so how are you?
  6. Their nothing wrong with ur beautiful face beautiful ok lol
  7. haha "wow" what? is there something on my face or something? *checks in the mirror for something in my teeth or on my face*
  8. Wow:"":::":":}}"{}":{}"}":{"}:}":{}":}":}"{}{:}"{} :{}:":"{}:"{}":{}""">{./"
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