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  1. Not really. I try to keep my relationship with God close you know. How about you?
  2. well He always always did seem like a religious individual...I'm glad to see a person so in-tune with God...there isn't that many people out there left like that...
  3. Hmmm... Maybe not ruin your plan. Maybe it just wants you to know that God has a better plan than your plan.
  4. yeah I try to do that to ^_^ life though, has a way of messing up your plans...
  5. A lot of things. lol. Yeah. I enjoy life. Live. Love. Enjoy life. That's what I do. you?
  6. lol what are you confused about? are you enjoying life?
  7. I'm fine. Gah~ Still confused as aver. lol. Hayy~ So what now????
  8. I'm ok ^_^ I just got over another break up...but I'm better now I think ^_^ so what's up with you?
  9. Hey hey! haven't seen you for a while! I'm fine. You?
  10. howdy ayu ^_^ just stopping by to say hello....haven't talked to you in a are you?
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