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  1. Since... well.. October of last year... Well that's when we offically started dating... We acted like it before then though
  2. well all I hope for is that you stay happy...I hate my friends being long have you been dating kyle?
  3. lol I highly doubt I'll end up running into a tree... but your right, I shouldn't look to the past..

    Kyle is a guy I was dating.. and he left to go to war right after he broke up with me... We'll be getting back together though... I hope...
  4. well you can't keep looking back into the past...idk if you've noticed...but this is the present...and if you keep looking back...your going to run into a tree...and would this person you love be named kyle?
  5. Someone I love went off to war and I've been really worried about him.. Not to mention going back over the past.
  6. oh really? what's been going on? if you don't mind me asking...
  7. Alright considering everything that has been going on lately.
  8. Oh I'm just fine...your has been a are you doing?
  9. Hey it's been awhile... How are you doing?
  10. Well that's good...I used to live in Kansas City and there was always tornadoes there!
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