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  1. Tornados?! O.O ^^ lucky for me i live in the hilly, but haunted, town of Atchison. ^^x.. no tornados here
  2. *hugs back and smiles* yeah I know...I've been to Kansas hows the tornadoes where you live?
  3. Aww -hugs- I love being your friend as well. ^^x..

    Yep Yep.. Although, you could probably see from one side of the state to the other living in Kansas O.o
  4. Well I'm loving being your friend...and thats what I love about Ohio also, if ya don't like the weather then just wait a few minutes and it'll change
  5. -smiles- you called me "love" ^^x.. That's so sweet

    It's cold, windy, and rainy. >< It's Kansas.. it's always 10 minute weather though
  6. ok...and it's ok love...anything to help a friend So what's the weather like over there?
  7. It's alright.. It happened when I was around 11.. I don't remember much of her..

    Aww Thanks, ^^x...
  8. Sorry about your loss but yeah...come to me and I'll help
  9. I knew it!!! ^^x.. I had n aunt that lives in Shawnee. -smiles slightly- But she died..

    Well I'll have to make sure I come to you if I have any problems with graphic designing. ^^
  10. Shawnee is located in southern Ohio and I changed my mind cause this degree just seems better for me ^^
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