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  1. Wait.. Shawnee.. where have i heard that before.. where is it located?

    That sounds coolio ^^x.. What made you change your mind?
  2. *smiles* I'm going to Shawnee State University for Computer Engineering but next semester I'll be switching to a Graphic Designer degree ^^
  3. Ahh.. I see.. ^^x.. Well at least that solves one problem. -smiles slightly-

    What are you attending college for? If you don't mind me being nosy..
  4. *hugs* it'll all be alright...and I know...I'm getting in a dorm come next semester ^^
  5. ... -sighs- There are things going on.. but don't worry about them.. mkay?

    Awww ^^x.. It will be alright.. only another few years.. or you know you could always get a dorm room
  6. *hugs back* I'm fine and I'm glad you are too ^^ The way you were talkin last time got me awful concerned...but anyway...yeah I'm fine...about to go to college this morning...*sigh* I'm so tired of this driving back and forth from college thing
  7. -hugs- Hello there, i've missed talking to you! You should get online more often.. well.. Late at night.. O.o

    ^^x.. I'm alright, how are you doing?
  8. howdy! How are you? Just stopping by to say hi and see what's going on with ya lately...
  9. Ok...I'll be on later or I'll be on Monday...hope to talk to you sometime
  10. ... there's just a lot of things going on.. i'll tell you about them later if i can get on...
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