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  1. Well thats always good! So what's wrong? I'd love to help cheer ya up
  2. Nothing really, just trying to look at the better side of life...
  3. Howdy ^^ So what's new with you? (1-50 characters )
  4. lol Probably. With everything that's been going on with him and Cassie, I don't doubt it.
  5. Kyle is something alright! I hear about him all the time
  6. Seems like it... All i know is that he let's me go saying that i ruined his life and did all of these things that i never did and yet his life is horrible.. -sighs- makes no since to me.. the way he made it out.. it should be perfect now that i'm not ruining it anymore...

    I don't really feel sorry for Kyle, I care about him too much.. I feel sorry for Cassie.. I mean sure he has his flaws but Kyle is a really sweet guy.. she f****d up bad..
  7. Yeah I know...I feel sorry for mark and kyle...I'm kinda into it too much and I can't ever seem to get out of it!
  8. Ahh.. Poor Markie... Looses one girl he supposedly had everything waiting for him oh wait sorry.. He let go of ME

    And Kyle.. well everyone has their own issues.. the best thing to do is to just be there for them as much as possible and hope that they will confide in you
  9. Well mark did have a new girl but something's not my business to say...and as for kyle...I'm not sure either's just a big mess that I'm staying out of...
  10. Oh wait.. no no no... Mark's life is so perfect now that i'm gone.. What happened to that? I ruined his life, we no longer talk.. he has a new girl.. so what happened to his life being perfect now?

    As for Kyle.. i'm not sure the whole story but he doesn't seem to be that way around me.. then again i know something is up, he just denies it.. i swear guys are worse than girls...
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