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  1. lucky you bro... and yea i bet it is better practicing with someone other then urself well my weekend is the same as every other and that is.... boring...but its all good.... well thats kool you and ur girl have class together but know that i think about it thats better then kool thats awesome kinda makes me wish i had a girl i dont plan on that any time soon.... so anything new happen with you today bro...
  2. lol yeah well I'll see her tomorrow ^_^ so it's all good...yeah sword fighting is always fun against other people ^_^ I have a kendo sword too..and my girlfriend and I are in a class right now that use them ^_^ My weekend was pretty boring without my girlfriend lol your's?
  3. koo koo glad to hear your good sorry ur down without ur girl tho... well all is well with me im planning on buy some bambu kendo sticks so i can practice my sword fighting with other ppl other then just objects lol.... other then that all boring for me... so hows it going with you bro anything new with you and how was ur weekend if you dont mind me asking... sorry bro gtg take care tho laterz.....
  4. Howdy ^_^ Yeah I'm doing good...kinda depressed because I haven't seen my girlfriend for a whole 12 hours lmao but I'll be are you?
  5. yooo bro long time no see just stopd by hope all is well with you bro... till next time... laterz....
  6. well bro thats cool glad you got a place that close it will make things a lot easier. im als oglad to hear you have been doing well. well bro i gtg but ill see you around laters and take care and be safe see ya around bro
  7. haha yeah it is good that we found's really close to college ^_^ and life is pretty good and getting better =D can't wait for thanksgiving so I can eat all that food are you doing?
  8. yo bro thats cool you finally got a place.... so how have you been lately? hows life treating you? im doing ok never better just the same as always well bro see you around then take care and have fun laterz
  9. haha it was difficult to find a place but we finally found the one we wanted ^_^ we're in the process of purchasing it now and moving are you doing?
  10. thats cool man. im ok thanks for asking. so a new place wow thats got to be hard well i hope you find one. well man ill see you around k take care and have fun laterz
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