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  1. haha howdy...I'm good and how are you? No nothing really has been going on's been pretty calm...looking for apartments today is the only thing different today
  2. yo yin its been a while man watz up? hows it going? anything new happen lately well hit me up if you want to well see ya around laterz
  3. well thats cool you enjoyed your camp out and i its cool id like to see those pics let me know when you put them on here.and im halloween was good thanks for asking well bro i gtg i have to get ready for work laterz bro take care peace and have a nice day
  4. haha thanks ^_^ well did you have a fun Halloween? My campout was fun...I took some pics that I plan on posting in my album on here ^_^ I'll post them and then post the pics of my swords ^_^
  5. yo bro happy holloween hope you have fun today ill see you around then take care laterz
  6. thats bro the same back to you bro happy holloween and have fun camping. take care and ill see you when you get back laters and take care
  7. yeah you to ^_^ I'm sure I'll still have a nice weekend anyways ^_^ Camping is fun and I'll take pics for you to see as well as my swords...take care and have a fun Halloween ^_^
  8. thats a drag bro. well i hope you can get the time to go. the best of luck to you man well i hope you have an awesome halloween still bro ill see you around laterz
  9. haha it's okies ^_^ have fun doing whatever it is your doing..and idk if I'll be able to make it to the dance now...some things have come up and I may be too busy to attend
  10. dude i have to go but ill be back later k well see you around later and have a nice day
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