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  1. haha I wouldn't know =p I hope they get the chat back up soon...I miss it
  2. koo koo ill be waiting. well hope the prixe is better this year like a car.... lol
  3. haha well it's better than nothing like you said..and yeah I'll let ya know ^_^
  4. only a hundred o well some somthing is better then nothing. hey thanks again for the pic just let me know when you put it up k well see you around bro laterz
  5. haha your welcome...and idk what this year's prize is...last year they gave the winner a $100 Walmart Gift Card
  6. well bro thats cool bro thanks. so whats the grand prize for the 1st place person at your halloween contest? well bro see you are laterz
  7. yeah I dress up for the dance ^_^ they have a judging competition there that I compete in...and as for the guns, I don't have them at this house which is the only house with fast enough internet to download pics...but I have a few swords I can take pics of and put on here I suppose =p
  8. hey bro could you do me a favor if oyu can could you take a pic of your guns and swords so i can see them but if you cant its ok i just want to look at them well see you laterz i got to go to work tomorrow and i have to be up by 5 laterz
  9. a dance well thats cool are you going to dress up or no?
  10. haha well I'm glad things are ok...I'm also attending a Halloween dance at our College Friday
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