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  1. well thats cool mine was good i far my aunt that i havent seen in ten years yesterday at my family reunion and then i meet you, flow, tem, and chief but for some reason all of oyu were gone from my freind list so im out looking for all of oyu guys to give you the heads up and i was watch the bleach movie fade to black. so what kind of weapons do you and your dad have? if you dont mind me asking?
  2. lol life is good for me right now...I just got done helping my dad cut wood and get bullets for our was yours?
  3. yo did you just disapear...................................... hellooooooo............................
  4. wo were did you come from i didnt think oyu would get back to me that fast. well thanks again and life is treating me the way i wanted it to treat back in my past but yea i cant complain i wanted just i didnt think id get it. and you how life treating you? and how was your weekend?
  5. lol well I accepted your's life treating you today? having fun?
  6. yo yang watz up man hey i dont know what happened but your not on my friend list so my gonna send you another well man laterz
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