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  1. cool cool beans ^_^ I'll join I think ^_^ it seems interesting ^_^
  2. Yeah sure you can join, I've already posted the character sheet and the RPG itself, you can join whenever you want to.
  3. lol yeah ^_^ I can join if it interests me and you wouldn't mind someone like me around in it
  4. One more for infestation will do, never know somebody needs an extra character lol.
  5. lol yeah it sounds crazy enough ^_^ well let me know if you need members for your RPGs and I'll keep an eye out for them so I can possibly join up
  6. I'm in charge about 3 RPG's, the 3rd one is coming up here soon, Infestation: Evolution, A friend got excited about it, she had fun with the first one and now she wants to play it again, but unfortunatly, that one is a dead thread. So I had to post up a new one. crazy right?
  7. Oh cool ^_^ yeah since AW went down we haven't had a chance to talk and I haven't been on forum sites which RPG you doing?
  8. Hey Yang, not much yea haven't heard from you in a while while lol. I'm just setting up things for RPG you know??
  9. Howdy ^_^ long time no talk ^_^ how are you doing?
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