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  1. I found Vagos not to be very impressive, rather very disapointing really. My friend Nick is from Vagos, he said he hated it there. Also, don't bother going to LA, LA SUCKS big time. Other then LA most cities in Cali are pretty good for the most part, expecially northern San Diego like, Oceanside (which is where I live currently), Northern Escondedo, Fallbrook, Bonsel, and Ramona are really nice for the most part.
  2. when I'm practicing which is pretty much once a year I'll get an overdose adreniline rush and go on a pscyotic rampage...-_-' my friend calls it pscyo style or pscyo abmination style.....T_T
  3. ...my style is a mixure of the stuff I learned....theres only one problem.
  4. The weather is great... Actually it has been rather hot the past few days, but then it quickly cools down and it becomes freezing at night.
  5. ...black belt huh? hey yin whats your special style in self defense?
  6. yeah I used to take karate but my dad pulled me out when I was 5years old I've been studying movies,games and teaching my self the movies.
  7. well hello and goodevening..............................?
  8. ok do u ever c any orbs
    have u got email address or a youtube account
    if u have a utube account what u could do is do a little oiugi board thing and contact some of the spirits in ur house
    and u should find out about the history of ur house
    u dont have 2 sorry im just really into tht sort of thing
    btw u know when ppl think ghost can float.well they cant
    if u do c a ghost flaot its probally b/c of the level of the house b/c if ur house has been done up
    then the level of the floor would b different 2 the level it was when the ghost died
  9. this is what has been happening by where i live u can read it if u want and if ur interested:
    A LIVE TV ghost investigation at a dilapidated former psychiatric hospital has sparked outrage in Denbigh after claims programme makers have been insensitive to the mentally ill.

    The Most Haunted Live Halloween special has dubbed the show Village of the Damned’ while carrying out experiments by strapping up crew members in straitjackets in padded cells during seances.

    The seven-day vigil featuring psychic mediums, scientific experiments and ouija board seances is aired every night on Living TV, culminating in a live exorcism on Hallowe'en night on Friday, October 31.

    The show claims it will raise the dead, speak to ghosts which “inhabit the cursed land” and conjure up the spirits of three witches said to have been executed in the area.

    Both residents and councillors in the village are furious and claim the show, hosted by Yvette Fielding, is an insult to those who lived and worked at the institution which closed in 1995.

    Cllr Ray Bartley is a former employee of the hospital and said it was irresponsible for the programme makers to poke fun at an institution where many unwell people had been cared for.

    “A lot of people have come to me with their concerns over the title Village of the Damned,” he said.

    “The hospital cared for patients from all over North Wales and the staff were also from all over North Wales and this is leaving a bad taste in the mouth. It’s very sad that this is happened. I worked at the hospital for 40 years and never saw any ghosts. The title is a slur on the town and has left a bad taste in the mouths of the people of Denbigh.”

    Cllr Graham Maudsley added: “We are trying to save this building. Who is going to want to live there after this?”

    A spokesman for Most Haunted said: “Antix Productions, the makers of Most Haunted Live, in no way condone the stigmatising of mental illness or those who suffer with it for the purpose of entertainment.

    “Certain events and experiments will be carried out over the seven nights of the transmission, in order to heighten the perception of the investigation team so as to make them more susceptible to the residual energies that may be held within the various buildings.

    “These will in no way belittle or make fun of the patients who were treated in this hospital. Most Haunted has never sought to bring distress to viewers of the programme, dealing with names or events that fall within living memory (that may arise within the programme) with tact and sensitivity.”
  10. good hbu man i have to listen to classical music n class to day but im turning up my marilyn manson louder tho
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