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  1. good hbu man i have to listen to classical music n class to day but im turning up my marilyn manson louder tho
  2. well on here you have to have 100+ post and 30 days on the site I think It's been too long I can't really remember So how are you today?
  3. eh I just got involved to help a friend cause he was having trouble with a certain member attacking I had to come kick that person's ass...
  4. i got a mafi wars i didnt like the mobsters it was the same but starting over sux
  5. yeah I've been on there a lot recently cause I've gotten involved with Mobsters
  6. hey wats up man i seen you on myspace yesterday .
  7. It's ok man it happens...I understand cause I'm busy too right now
  8. srry man been doin work a lot n not been here 4 a wile
  9. So what's going on? Haven't heard from you or your friends for a while
  10. it wont let me .
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