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  1. guess i just gotta find the right one, huh? ^^ oohhh uuhhmm... im guessing you're the college one right? ;D im teh high school one ._.; ahhh well have fun in class ttyl!
  2. Who knows...and enjoy the forums...thry're great most of the time...don't let the slowness now fool's just that alot of people are at school...or being one of them! XP I'll be starting my last class of the day in a few seconds so ttyl ok?
  3. lol aw that bad? :/ gomen nasai... ooohhh i like it a lot ^^ i havent been around the forums very much...and i havent looked anywhere else :P but its fun! ^^ lol though there is someone on my friends list checked as "requested friend" but i dont remember requesting him XD *siighh* ohh wellll.... *glomps* cheer up ^____^
  4. Oh life's been...ok...ask me again in a few days! XP how do you like the site so far?
  5. thats what friends are for, huh :P mine cheer me up too specially *points to my friends list* iLovePockyMonster lol ^^; but then again my friends kill my happiness sometimes ._.; lifes been great! except for school, my bf's job, this stupid headache i get everyday after 6th hour XP lol but nothin to complain about XD how bout you?
  6. eh...It died but I'll be happy again soon I hope...I'll have to talk to my friend again...she always cheers me up just by talking with her! So hows life?
  7. well thats always fun aww well SoBe adrenaline rush always keeps me happy ^^; try it if u havent already 8D i dunno how it'd work with bipolar '-'; meehhh ill just shut up now >.> i hope ur happiness lasts at least a LITTLE while ^____^
  8. I'm fine! I just got done talking to a really good friend of mine and I'm happy for now! XD I'm bipolar so my happiness is probably short-lived...
  9. heheh well, thanks anyway ^^ i was getting sick of talkin to bayne and iLove :P i am... peachy this morning..and bored :C how are you? ^^
  10. Howdy...just stopping by to say hi! So how are you this beautiful morning?
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