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  1. Well I'm just an emotional person and I want to talk to me love all the time she's at school all the time though
  2. yea i know what u mean = |

    i hate that feeling, its terrible.
  3. lol yeah I know what ya mean...I've had situations where I just don't know wtf is going on sometimes! it drives me crazy sometimes...right now I've just got a feeling of loneliness so I'm trying to beat it back...don't know why I feel like this but I do!
  4. hi = )
    its goin slow i guess, lol
    im sober and lazy, and waiting for my hair to dry so i can straighten it.

    im trying to figure out wat the last msg b4 urs meant too. lol
  5. Howdy man...hows it going? I'm just what's up?
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