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  1. It's been eight months, almost nine. Any way I just hope that she does like and have an interest in me.
  2. all power to ya ^^ I hope it works out for ya cause you've been single for what seems like forever now
  3. I will feel better when I ask her this sunday when I see here again, I will feel so much better if its yes or no... I hope its yes though.
  4. yeah those kinds of things would be nice to hear from the person involved other than someone else...I know how ya feel man :P
  5. Well for those who know I like her say that she likes me as well but I am still a little weary about that and would feel much better if she told me her self.
  6. lol well good luck man...don't feel bad though cause you did right ^^ don't wanna push these things
  7. Well hopefully not for long, there is this girl I like at Church and I was going to ask her out but she was with her mom and they seamed to be in a hury so I wasnt able to ask her and I feel really bad about it.
  8. eh it's been fairly hectic recently but everything is turning out great ^^ so what ya been doing with yourself? still single?
  9. It has been a rather long time. How is everything going on your end?
  10. howdy scourge ^^ how are you? just stopping by cause we haven't talked in forever
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