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  1. hey my freind how are you and sadis i miss both of you very much and know i'm back and i will get anything.
  2. hey buddy havent heard from you in a while was wondering how you and the lady are doing hope everything is going well i leave you with blessings and hope to talk to you soon.
  3. hey i miss you man guess your out of it but hey that is a good thing just ley me know when we can talk see you in a few days later.
  4. hey coty i thought i'd stop in and say hello i was wondering if you got my message last night?
  5. thank you very much i'd luve to talk to you i miss you very much and really i will be up i think knida late since i just got back home today.
  6. hey freind how have you been since you were kinda not so high last time i spoke to you.
  7. wll then you are going to be really mad but mark and i broke up friday the 16th and i'm taking harder then he did and his mom is also at fualt for this i know that i was...if you call then i will tell you everything.
  8. some how ithink that is chang today i will call and let you know hugs you back even tigher and kisses your cheek.
  9. good i guess i mean have not spoken to him in a while and i miss him a lot but not like i really know what is the reson the whol in my chest is stining but later it will go away.
  10. well if i know you like i think i do i know you both will find a way and i have complete faith in both of you trurly i do.
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