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  1. that is good but don't let it eat at you ok if it is you need to just be happy and at peace ok ttyl cassy.
  2. I can't understand that but hey i will not take his side but everyone who is talking to him think he disevres a second chace if you do not i take your side after what he did to me i will not fogive him.
  3. good you can and you are lucky for that well just let kyle know that you are not going to take any crap from him ok ttyl cassy.
  4. mmm...let me guess? does it have anything to do with stuipd drmara?
  5. oh no why are you upset? i hope it was nothing i did or said in this case.
  6. hello my good freined how have you been since you know how life is going.
  7. hey my freind sorry i've been busy just a lot of things are a little crazy but i'm around so talk to you later. cassy.
  8. hey what's up just wanted to say hi and make sure your livin life to the fulliest later.
  9. hey what's up? i thught i would drop in and say hi and see what i can on the site today while i wait to see if someone shows up out of the bule later cassy.
  10. hey your on what's up my freind yes i'm here and smiling with eyes blluer then the sea and deeper than the sky.
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