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  1. howdy my freind how are you doing? thought i'd drop by and say hello and check to make sure you and trara are well and safe.
  2. no he is out for good and no it was not X reated besides if it was on here we both would be delted so no it is ok and were good he will be shocked when he sees i'm back home and my health is all better now.
  3. i'm doing good and me and mark talked late into the night last night on facebook but his mother ruined what we were in the middle of and i'm so glad your better and i'm glad you and Tara are still going strong you guys are a smart macth really and i'm happy for both of you truly talk to you later kitty.
  4. hello long time no talk for a while so what has been up? and how are you and the gf doing
  5. ok look i'm sorry but mark is in jail for a whole month and and his mother and i are in a very nasty war, but he called me last night.
  6. well atfer what i was tlod i can't bearthe at all what the hell am i going to do
  7. hey your back what are you up to now if you dont't mind me asking you that.
  8. lol got both it works and i'm glad that we can keep in touch and it was really good to talk to you last night i missed you a lot but it is good that we can cacth eachgother at times tty soon gentle breezess cassy.
  9. it's ok i can try again tonight if that works i have class but i will be back later and i can try then lol ok talk to you soon love you cassy.
  10. sure i can try and give you a call tonight and i will see if i can find what mark is up to and see if maybe he can call you ok talk to you soonish .
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