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  1. yeah it will i just have to deal with what comes at me and face it but i do really miss you a lot and mark says he misses you a lot too.
  2. i don't blame you with that he just is trying as hrad as he can to pay off the court fees but he is trying so hard to make money so he can and his family are the worst lot of people i've ever met oh his mom is the worst of all.
  3. we're ok he is in some truble but it was a set up and no he is trying to pay for it and it is very hard but he thinks you ran off and didn't let us know he misses you to just like me
  4. tears and a smile thank god your ok i've missed you so much i was was so worried and wondering if you were ok ok not but i'm glad that you are ans i miss talking to you too hope to tty soon luv ya cassy.
  5. hello my freind it has been a while and i'm worried about you are ok, or hurt, wher are you i miss you and sarced that something has happed to you so wirte or call me to let me know you are ok or if somthing has happend.
  6. hello coty it's been a long time and wondering what your up to and if you are ok so if you could let me know i would really aprite that ok ttyl cassy.
  7. hello my freind it's been a while so i'd thought i'd come by andmake sure that you are diong ok so when you can write or call meso we can chat gentle breezess cassy.
  8. guess your really bored then huh lol i know how that feels but not two much anna and her husband showed up here,i saw my freind harely, and then momday i hope to meet my freind kenny so we can cath up how anout you?
  9. hello lol i was on and thought since i'm wating for a note i'd stop in and say hi.
  10. hey my freind i thought i'd drop by and check on you heay can you give me a call when you get this i need someone to talk to.
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