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  1. haha i knew you would like it and i will see if i can call tonight or tommrrow night it depends on my class tonight and what happens with the rest of the day today luv ya
  2. yeah i went and saw it it was really cool when i have all the mives and sound tracks it will be really good.
  3. aww thanks your sweet hey i was wondering have you seen any other really good movies lately i'm not sure what else has come out?
  4. yeah he is somewhere but i don't know where maybe you can and we will talk soon you are busy and so am i a lot ttyl cassy.
  5. hello coty just thought i'd drop in and mark says he hopes you will call him before he truns 30 but i know your busy but try just like i do ttyl luv ya .
  6. so you do not think that i'm a......well you don't think that i'm a succubus?
  7. so what is up with you not that i know wish i did and a lot of other things
  8. what is wotng with me I'm so patheic i mean what did i do to make this happen
  9. hey what's up my freind thought i'd stop by and say hello and chck what's new
  10. yeah i will see what might pop up and i will try to call you later i just have some old freinds getting back in touch with me so things are a bit crazy but i will try ttyl gentle breezess cassy.
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