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  2. lol thamk you for letting me know i had two thougts of why you did not call me hey glad they were worng tty soon hopfully.
  3. hello my freind i'm sorry it has been so long but i will try and call you later and then i can tell you what is really going on i'm sure i will have sometime tonight ttyl cassy.
  4. thanks i will there is nothing to stop me and i know somthing that i can keep using agaist her over and over again as somone alwayls says well arent we cheeky this'll be fun!
  5. thank you my true freind oh by the way herley ethan and myslef just srewed anna over today and will contuie to do so
  6. cool hey do you think i'm a really bad preson and have to many problems
  7. well it was going smothly but the sccubus just called and my day went to lilith hell how about you
  8. well there you are having the time to get back that is good
    you are the best
  9. i promise that i will and i still am jst need to be calm and talk to you, mark,and my freind aka sister i miss all of you and will taltk to you all later cassy.
  10. ok oh i hope you are being safe and not hurting youslf ok itake care of myself you must do the same ttyl cassy.
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