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  1. i kinda lost my vioce and it is a little harnd to talk right now and it hurts if i try to that is why
  2. hello i came back like i said i would i'm ture as i can be and i came back for you to see.
  3. Do you think it is wrong of me to worry about somthing that i can't tell what it is and to fear it?
  4. i'm just really emitomal and stressed i have no idea what is up and i've been carying but i try to hold it in i have been all day and i know that is what is making me sick
  5. hello coty are you around? want to talk and say i'm sorry about this moring my phone died and i need more minutes on it now since it croaked.
  6. thank you my freind your so sweet and i thank you so much your there for me alot and i have someothers too but your one of the few who are there for me when i really need someone to talk to and be around thany you my freind.
  7. thanks that is very sweet i know things will work out just need to stand a bit frimer than i have been and i know everything will work out ttyl cassy.
  8. aww thank you i know that i can trun to you when i can your one of my good freinds talk to you soon cassy.
  9. that's cool i undertand life is well life what more is there to say? but it is going good for me thank you for asking just a lot of things are going on but i will be ok i know i will..........
  10. hello my good freind how are you doing today i miss you and thought i'd drop in and say hello.
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