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  1. ok don't sare me like that ok i wory about all my freinds and loved ones my freinds are really like my real family and i trust all of you but i hope every thing is ok and that you will be well and safe.
  2. are you ok is everything alright i sorry i was freaking i worry about all my freinds it comes with the whole package.
  3. hello helo my freind how are you feeling and doing? sorry it has been so long i've been busy and very tired latey.
  4. other than some other things i'm doing actually prttey well and i still smile and lauagh a lot more then normal.
  5. hello long time no talk and yes i know that is my fault sorry if i have got myslef into some trouble.
  6. good life is very good things are going really well for me and when he calls i will tell him promise and i will keep my promise i do you know that i'm sure.
  7. i'm fine just tried and i want to oh orb to flordia and spend time with my boo and my other freind kenny and all my freinds get them togather and go around the world in eatgthy orbs.
  8. no it was not and now i have more problems than i thoght but again i'm a freak any yeah i hate everything right now but i know i just have to deal.
  9. i have a docotor's appoinment at 4:00 pm today and it sucks to have that in my view
  10. well today is going to be a really long day for me can't wait til it is over.
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