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  1. yeah but hey life will go on and we must flow with it in our own ways.
  2. wow aren't you very popualr my good freind how are you doing by the way now.
  3. thanks my freind your very nice and thak you very much for everything ttyl cassy.
  4. thank you very much my good freind it means a lot to have a freind like you and i will alwayls rembember ok i will ttyl cassy.
  5. hello my freind thank you for today it was so very sweet of you thanks even though i can't have breaks anymore now cause my boss thinks i'm lazy.
  6. not a lot but my back is racked in pain and it seems like some of my co workers think i'm a wicth it's like being back in high school.
  7. ok don't sacre me like that ok i worry about you your one of my freinds so you will get this ttyl cassy.
  8. are you ok? i mean just by what you said but you know me just worry cam we talk ok ttyl cassy.
  9. yes had to deal the the succbus and her toy today but other than that everything is going well and i'm ok just watiting for a jingle jingle that is all you.
  10. that is wonderful and good for you thank you so much i'm doing very well ok ttyl.
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