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  1. hey my freind how are you doing i miss talking to you but i think the rseon is beausr we both are really busy ttyl.
  2. yesderday hard and today hopfully better but it is still early and i hope things get better ttyl cassy.
  3. you can alwayls talk to me cause i'm here for you also you can trust me hope to talk to you soon cassy.
  4. thank you so very much for everything i enjoy being your freind you mean a lot to me ttyl cassy.
  5. just asking if you would? and know i know that is sweet i dig you very much your a very good freind.
  6. you would really do that for a freind even me right at this moment?
  7. house choeres i can hadle it but thank you for offering it is very sweet of you.
  8. just doing somethings and hleping out trying to think what i can do to hlep right now.
  9. much just a little sleepy today that is ok i'm waking myslef up and doing things .
  10. hello my freind hhow are you doing today or this moring any way that is?
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